No, it is NOT the “Best effin chicken recipe ever”. Also, how dare you?

I’ve just been personally offended by a “cooking” video on Youtube….. Please tell me I’m not crazy. Is she joking? She has to be joking, because if she’s not that would mean that… Continue reading

Maybe you didn’t need to publish, maybe you just needed to write.

Just write. Whatever, literally whatever. However. Leave it a mess. Look at all your thoughts on the page. Watch how you used words to explore your own mind and the world around you.… Continue reading

Dear Fear…

Thank you for all the ways you’ve protected me. Thank you for warning me of those times I was being taken for a fool, or being seen as weak. Thank you for keeping… Continue reading

The Trouble with Toxic

Has anyone else noticed the faux-positivity trend of 2016? 6 months. That’s how long it took for pretty much every social media channel to be knee-deep in “hey look at me” positivity.  We’re… Continue reading

What I really feel about Charlie Hebdo, after (long, like really long) reflection. 

I understand that this happened quite some time ago. But it’s been sitting in my drafts for ages so thought I’d post it up. Better totally non-topical than never. I very rarely wade into… Continue reading

Formation, Work and the black aesthetic

You don’t have to be a fan of Beyonce or Rihanna to have heard something about their respective new releases Formation and Work. They are, and have been ‘a thing’ for the last… Continue reading

Why Teen Wolf is one of the best things on television.

Now, let me begin by saying that there are men in the world that would laugh at me for watching Teen Wolf. Belly laugh in my face. Make all sort of jokes about… Continue reading

Shame of the Week: How I missed my first plane

This is the story of my first bullshit based professional embarrassment. Enjoy.

When it comes to friendship, love, whatever…

Find someone who wants  to be the sloth to your tree. That’s about it.